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High fraud risk IP database

One of the most efficient ways to identify fraud is still analyzing user IP address. Majority of fraud uses various IP masking services, and accessing from specific countries, like Ghana. You can eliminate major amount of fraud by filtering by known high fraud risk IP ranges. Typical useage: disallow or flag payments, add risk points, manual review user profiles, ask for identity proof.
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Mobile traffic IP ranges

The best way to detect mobile user is to analyze his UserAgent header. However, sometimes you need to detect mobile users differently. For example detect user connection speed and suggest different content.
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Trusted countries geo IP database

If you need to change user experience based on the location, you can use trusted countries geo-ip database. This is simplified approach, you just get yes/no result when checking user IP. Typical usage is lowering user risk points, enabling extra features, suggesting profile upgrade. Also, this database could be used together with other IpSpecs databases for more precisely risk calculation.
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Bot traffic IP ranges

Whenever you need to identify bot traffic, use IpSpecs Bot traffic IP ranges database. It includes hosting services, proxies, TOR, and other IP masking services could be used by bots. It also includes individual IP addresses identified or reported as bots. Typical usage: hide advertising to prevent ADs and banners fraud.
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Custom database with your rules

IpSpecs database could be built using rules fitting your business model. We have numerous of attributes and several databases that could be combined together.
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Combine several databases together to build a database fitting your business needs. Please contact us for more information.